June 29th – Ripping a piece of duct tape off of the roll

June 28th – Having your back popped at the chiropractor

June 27th – Tearing a piece of wax paper off of the jagged edge on the roll

June 26th – Ripping the perforated top off of a tissue box to open it

June 25th – A stack of soft cover books dropped on the floor

June 22nd – Pulling a piece of tape off of a microphone

June 21st – Ripping a piece of paper out of a notebook

June 20th – A book dropping on a shelf

June 19th – Slitting open a letter with a letter opener

June 18th – Peeling up the end of the masking tape before tearing a piece off

June 15th – Pulling a tissue out of a kleenex box

June 14th – Opening a velcro enclosure on a trapper keeper notebook

June 13th – The first rip of  the toilet paper

June 12th – The last rip of toilet paper from a toilet paper roll

June 11th – Crinkling up a bag of chips

June 8th – A Tap dancer stomping

June 7th – Shaking a tarp

June 6th – Plugging in an auxiliary cord into a stereo

June 5th – Ripping open an Amazon package

June 4th – Thumbing through the pages of a book

June 1st – Ripping the wrapping paper when opening a gift

May 31st – Automatic nail gun for doing roofing

May 30th – The sound of the button when you roll down your window

May 29th – Pulling a tissue out of a tissue box

May 25th – Ripping packing tape off of a package

May 24th – Pulling down a towel in a public restroom

May 23rd – Peeling a green banana 

May 22nd – Opening an accordian door

May 21st – Ripping off a wax strip

May 18th – Opening a UPS or Fedex or package with the pullstring

May 17th – Pulling the last piece of a paper towel off of the cardboard roll

May 16th – the sound of an auxiliary cord shorting out when you plug it in

May 15th – The last scoop of leaves when you’re raking and hit the asphalt

May 14th – Ripping a paper towel off the roll of paper towels

May 11th – Stepping down on an empty milk jug

May 10th – Rippling through or Fanning through the edge of a stack of 3×5 index cards against a desktop or counter top

May 9th – Taking a big stack of papers in a big school cutter and cutting the papers

May 8th – Opening a pre-sealed bag of shredded cheese

May 7th – Pepper cracking when you turn the top of a pepper mill

May 4th – Stepping on a sticky floor and lifting your shoe

May 3rd – Husking corn

May 2nd – Ripping open a closed ziploc bag

May 1st – A line of dominos falling over

Apr 30th – Scraping the grill of the BBQ to clean it

Apr 27th – Twisting the cap off of a plastic bottle

Apr 26th – Tearing up a styrofoam cup

Apr 25th –  Stepping on or crushing a plastic water bottle

Apr 24th – Crushing a Styrofoam cup

Apr 20th – Tearing off a piece of plastic wrap from the roll using the metal ridges on the side of the box

Apr 19th – Breaking a Package of spaghetti noodles before you cook them

Apr 18th – Ripping open and slamming a velcro closured binder

Apr 17th – Feathering a ream of paper before putting it into the copier

Apr 16th –  Peeling the foil off of a plastic container when you pull it all the way off of the container

Apr 13th –  A trash compactor, compacting the trash

Apr 12th – Keurig coffee pot when you put the pod in the “doo-hickey” and close the lid

Apr 11th – Stepping on eggshells

Apr 10th – When your car door is frozen – the rubber seal, and when you go to open it

Apr 9th – Pulling the perforation on a Fedex envelope to open the envelope

Apr 6th –  A big stack of paper being cut with a cutter

Apr 5th –  Stapling paper together 

Apr 4th – The sound the receipt printer makes when it perforates the receipt paper

Apr 3rd – Closing the lever on a Keurig coffee pot into the k cup and having it pierce into the top

Apr 2nd – Zipping up a zipper

Mar 30th – Older tupperware canister when you put the lid on and push in the middle to seal it

Mar 29th – Running your finger on the corner of a phone book and having the fingers run up the pages

Mar 28th – Raking your fingers over the teeth on a comb

Mar 27th – Stapler

Mar 26th – Removing the ball from the velcro hand toss game

Mar 23rd – Tearing a piece of duct tape off of the roll

Mar 22nd – A tack being poked into a cubicle

Mar 21st – Ripping a piece of perforated paper

Mar 20th – Removing the core from a head of lettuce

Mar 19th – Opening or closing a plastic egg carton

Mar 16th – Chopping through a bunch of celery

Mar 15th – Pulling up a sleeve on a coffee cup

Mar 14th – Releasing the string on mini blinds and the blinds dropping down

Mar 13th – The sound of the rubber sleeve going across the metal threshold when you close an entry door

Mar 12th – Rock Em Sock Em Robot throwing a punch

Mar 9th – Plugging in or unplugging an aux cord

Mar 8th – The sound of the machine that takes your tickets at Chuck E. Cheese

Mar 7th – Stepping in snow

Mar 6th – Wind blowing into a microphone

Mar 5th – Walking on gravel

Mar 2nd – Breaking spaghetti noodles just before putting it in the water to boil

Mar 1st- The rubber seal around the door that makes a noise when you open and close the refrigerator

Feb 28th – Jail Cell door closing

Feb 27th – Scratching a microphone

Feb 26th – Pulling a baby wipe or disinfectant wipe out of a plastic container

Feb 23rd – Pulling a Kleenex out of the box

Feb 22nd – Shaking out a rug

Feb 21st – Stepping on a pine cone

Feb 20th – Sliding your carry-on luggage into the overhead compartment of the airplane

Feb 15th – Taking a big knife and cutting through a head of lettuce on a wooden cutting board

Feb 14th –  Perforation tearing when pulling toilet paper off of the roll

Feb 13th – Eating a chip

Feb 12th – Taking a pair of pants by the waist and snapping them

Feb 2nd – Ripping a pair of denim jeans

Feb 1st –  Closing or flipping through a CD binder

Jan 31st – Closing the trunk on a trunk full of grocery bags 

Jan 30th – 3 hole punch punching a hole through a stack of papers

Jan 29th – Striking a wooden match stick on a matchbox

Jan 26th – Skydiving and opening your parachute

Jan 25th – Biting into or eating a pickle

Jan 24th – Scraping ice off of a car window

Jan 23rd – Ice Falling from an ice machine

Jan 22nd – Cracking a nut with a nutcracker

Jan 19th – Basketball bouncing on a gym floor

Jan 18th –  The sound that you hear when you drop the top of an ice chest freezer and it seals

Jan 17th –  Power door locks on a vehicle

Jan 16th  – The sound of the kitchen garbage bag when you’re about to change the garbage and you have to take out the bag and snap it – the sound that it makes

Jan 15th –  Pushing a bag of cereal back down into the box

Jan 11th – A needle on a record player being set down on a record
Jan 10th – 
A person raking leaves, making one stroke with a plastic garden rake

Jan 9th – The sound that your shoe makes when crunch down into the snow

Jan 8th – Grabbing ahold and pulling open or closing a sliding glass door

Jan 5th – Snow falling off of a roof

Jan 4th – Shoveling Snow

Jan 3rd – Record Scratch

Jan 2nd- Snow falling off of something

Dec 15th- Heavy metal closing

Dec 14th– A record player when the record goes on

Dec 13th- Ripping a tag off a piece of clothing 

Dec 12th- Closing a giant book 

Dec 11th- Stepping into snow that has a frozen hard layer on it

Dec 8th- Grabbing and winkling a paper sack

Dec 7th- A nail gun 

Dec 6th– The party blowers that you blow out and they paper comes back in

Dec 5th- Taking a bite celery 

Dec 4th- Jamie cupping the microphone and setting it down

Dec 1st- Taking a bite out of a hard shell taco

Nov 30th- Opening the soft top of a hot tub

Nov 29th- Flip the pages of a book

Nov 28th-  The amplified sound of locking the screen on your I-phone

Nov 27th- Hands clapping at the same time

Nov 22- Crushing a water bottle

Nov 16th- Pulling tape off the dispenser

Nov 15th– The old fashion shutters on the windows in a trailer

Nov 14th– The needle skipping on a vinyl record 

Nov 13th- A electric stapler 

Nov 10th- Crunching on an apple 

Nov 9th- A stack of magazines being dropped on a table

Nov 8th- Take a brown paper bag when you are hyperventilating and blow into it 

Nov 7th- Wading up bubble wrap

Nov 6th- Tuning in the radio station

Nov 3rd– Stepping on a bag of chips

Nov 2nd- Letter opener going into an envelope and opening it

Oct 31st- Water being drained from a tub

Oct 30th– A couple of hard back books on a table being shuffling

Oct 26th- Pulling the fuzzy cover off the studio microphone

Oct 25th- A big group of people stomping their feet at the same time on bleachers. 

Oct 24th– A snack fallen out of a vendor machine

Oct 23rd- Dragging your finger down the blinds

Oct 18th- Plugging or unplugging an auxiliary cord like headphones

Oct 17th– Pulling toy slime out the container

Oct 16th- A deck of cards bridge shuffle 

Oct 8th- Empty the trash off your computer

Oct 7th- Cutting through a head of lettuce or cabbage on a cutting board

Oct 6th– Open a window and the sound is coming from the seal sound

Oct 5th– Pull apart a zip lock bag

Oct 4th– The break of a Kit Kat bar

Oct 3rd- Flipping pages of a book

Sept 29th– Reaching into a fresh pumpkin and ripping the insides

Sept 28th- Shuffling a deck of cards

Sept 27th- Mike drop recording it as it drops

Sept 26th- Simply stump 

Sept 22nd- 52 cards pick up

Sept 21st- Taking two pieces of Velcro  and pulling them apart

Sept 20th– A sound a record player makes when the needle gets to the end

Sept 18th– Flipping threw a phone book

Sept 13th- Shuffle cards and letting them go through your fingers

Sept 12th– Shuffling a deck of cards 

Sept 11th– Smacking your floor mat on the ground and dropping 

Sept 7th– The sounds the record makes when it gets to the end

Sept 6th- Taking a needle from an old record player and putting it on the record.

Sept 5th– A needle of the vinyl record starting

Sept 1st- Flipping through a notebook on a table 

Aug 31st- A stamper that you stamp your checks with

Aug 30th- Flipping through a book quickly to get to the end

Aug 29th- A paper cutter that is used in the school 

Aug 28th– Stomping on a bag of air and it popping

Aug 25th- The automatic locks on your car, locking and unlocking

Aug 24th- Flipping through sticky note pad

Aug 21st- Somebody taking bubble wrap, bunching it up and twisting it and hearing it pop.

Aug 11th- Shuffling a deck of cards on a felt poker table

Aug 10th– Splashing in a mud puddle

Aug 9th– The sound of Santa’s wet boot on the roof while he is walking

Aug 8th– A toy being shut in the door

Aug 7th- Dropping a microphone

Aug 4th– Ripping off Velcro  

Aug 3rd- Holding a deck of cards and you flip them down on the table

Aug 2nd- The needle placing it down on record on a player

Aug 1st – Flipping through an encyclopedia