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Apr 15 – Hitting an air hockey puck and having it go in the hole

Apr 11- Flicking an empty pop can with your finger

Apr 10 – Hitting or dropping a water cooler jug

Apr 9 – Quickly shutting a metal drawer in an office desk

Apr 8 – Closing a lid on the box of altoids mints

Apr 4 – Plastic tube at a bank drive thru when they send it to you and it stops

Apr 3 – Closing a metal mailbox

Apr 2 – Shutting a car door

Apr 1 – Lid closing on a metal tea-pot

Mar 29th – Jamie throwing a used coffee pot into a metal trash can

Mar 28th – Plastic dumpster lid closing

Mar 27th – Hood of the car opening when you hit the hood release lever

Mar 26th  – Hitting an empty pop can with a rubber band

Mar 25th – Closing the door on an electrical panel

Mar 22nd – A soccer ball being kicked into a metal trash can

Mar 21st- Using an electric stapler

Mar 20th – A pop up toaster

Mar 19th – Native American drum

Mar 18th – Putting something in the recycle bin on a computer

Mar 7th – Cracking king crab

Mar 6th – Final buzz and click after you turn off a light

Mar 5th – Closing a sliding glass door fast and locking it fast

Mar 4th –Unlocking a car door with the automatic unlock

Mar 1st – Newspaper swatting a counter

Feb 28th –Garage closes and hits the cement floor

Feb 27th – Blowing up a balloon and tying it into a not

Feb 26th – Shutting the door over the gas cap

Feb 25th – Bouncing a ball in a bathtub

Feb 22nd – When you’re getting your tires changed and when the tire goes on the rim and makes the popping sound

Feb 21st – Throwing away a disposable coffee cup into a metal wastebasket

Feb 20th – Shooting a nerf ball into a metal can

Feb 19th – Pushing down a stapler and having it come back up

Feb 18th – Throwing produce into one of the crisper drawers in the refrigerator

Feb 11th – Shooting a nail gun

Feb 8th – Shutting an automatic trash can lid

Feb 7th – The sound that a pan makes when you take it out of the oven when its cooling down.

Feb 6th – Jamie opening an old file cabinet where you have to push the button and get it to click

Feb 5th – Pulling back the string on an airzooka and let it go

Feb 4th – Hitting a plastic baseball bat on a desk

Feb 1st – Shutting the tailgate on a truck

Jan 31st – Throwing a snowball at a metal garbage can

Jan 30th – A Sandbag being thrown into a wheelbarrow

Jan 29th – Putting a magnet on the side of a file cabinet

Jan 28th – Turning the knob for the burner and it ignites

Jan 25th – Slipping the metal cover shut after filling up with gas

Jan 24th – Closing the lid on a metal band-aid box

Jan 23rd – Ripping off the paper towel from the automatic dispenser

Jan 22nd – Getting your mail off the front porch and the lid closes

Jan 21st- Closing a filing cabinet drawer

Jan 18th – Judge’s gavel dropping on a block of wood

Jan 17th – Slamming the hood on car

Jan 16th –  Closing the top on a metal popcorn popper

Jan 15th – Dropping a bar of soap in the shower

Jan 14th – Jamie sitting on his couch flicking the spring in his tv remote

Jan 11th – Opening a microwave door

Jan 10th – Popping open refrigerated biscuits on the edge of the sink

Jan 9th – Popping a balloon

Jan 8th-  Hitting a snare drum one time with the drum stick

Jan 7th – A nerf gun shooting at a tin popcorn can

Jan 4th – A Dart hitting a balloon

Jan 3rd – Hitting a 55 gallon drum with a rubber mallet

Dec 20th – Hitting a metal trash can with a fork

Dec 19th – Opening a foot trash can and the lid opening and hitting the wall

Dec 18th – Closing the Oven Door

Dec 17th – Shutting a bathroom stall door in a public restroom

Dec 14th – Pushing open a side mirror

Dec 13th – Shutting a hood on a car

Dec 12th – Slamming the lid on a washing machine

Dec 11th – Snapping a rubber band against a microphone

Dec 7th – The sound of a step trash can when it slams close

Dec 6th – Sound of a metal step trash can when the door closes

Dec 5th – Hitting a bongo drum

Dec 4th  – Dropping a glass jar into a metal garbage can

Dec 3rd –  Shutting a metal drawer

Nov 30th – Shutting the door on a microwave

Nov 29th – Smacking the side of a metal filing cabinet

Nov 28th – Closing the door on a dryer

Nov 27th – Opening a glass jar

Nov 26th – Slap hammer stapler

Nov 21st – Slamming the door on a dryer

Nov 19th – Shutting a metal locker door in a gym

Nov 15th – Emptying your metal waste basket and giving it a whack

Nov 14th – Popping a balloon

Nov 12th – Closing a lid on a metal garbage can

Nov 9th – Stepping on the pedal of a metal trash can and the top pops up

Nov 8th – Kicking or tripping over a metal garbage can

Nov 7th – Cadomma ball caught in the cradle

Nov 6th –  A Phone book slamming on the floor

Nov 5th – Placing a pan into the sink


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