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NEW SOUND AS OF 11/5/2018


Dec 14th – Pushing open a side mirror

Dec 13th – Shutting a hood on a car

Dec 12th – Slamming the lid on a washing machine

Dec 11th – Snapping a rubber band against a microphone

Dec 7th – The sound of a step trash can when it slams close

Dec 6th – Sound of a metal step trash can when the door closes

Dec 5th – Hitting a bongo drum

Dec 4th  – Dropping a glass jar into a metal garbage can

Dec 3rd –  Shutting a metal drawer

Nov 30th – Shutting the door on a microwave

Nov 29th – Smacking the side of a metal filing cabinet

Nov 28th – Closing the door on a dryer

Nov 27th – Opening a glass jar

Nov 26th – Slap hammer stapler

Nov 21st – Slamming the door on a dryer

Nov 19th – Shutting a metal locker door in a gym

Nov 15th – Emptying your metal waste basket and giving it a whack

Nov 14th – Popping a balloon

Nov 12th – Closing a lid on a metal garbage can

Nov 9th – Stepping on the pedal of a metal trash can and the top pops up

Nov 8th – Kicking or tripping over a metal garbage can

Nov 7th – Cadomma ball caught in the cradle

Nov 6th –  A Phone book slamming on the floor

Nov 5th – Placing a pan into the sink